Fitness Classes

ZUMBA: Zumba is a fitness class that combines dance and fitness moves.  Inspired by Latin dance and music, Zumba uses a variety of styles in its routines, including Cumbia, Merengue, salsa, reggaeton, mambo, rumba, flamenco, and a hip hop. Music selections include both fast and slow rhythms to help tone and sculpt the body.
ZUMBA TONING: The Zumba rhythms you love combined with the added resistance of Zumba Toning. Sticks or light weights, focusing on specific muscle groups, including arms, core and lower body.
SILVERSNEAKERS® CLASSIC: THIS CLASS IS OPEN TO ANYONE! Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and activities for daily living. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a SilverSneakers ball are offered for resistance. A chair is used for seated and/or standing support. This class was called MSROM but has been updated to be called CLASSIC. Same class, different name!
SPIN: This class is 45 minutes of moderate to intense group indoor cycling. It’s a cardio program for general fitness that can burn up to 900 calories per hour. This class is appropriate for students of all fitness levels. Class size is limited to 10 participants. First timers should come 15 minutes early for bike orientation.
BOOM: Is the newest exercise class series brought to you by SilverSneakers Fitness. BOOM consists of 30-minute classes to provide members with a higher intensity workout to accelerate their fitness level:  Muscle – Up your game in this action-based functional/strength training class that ignites your fitness with a series of movements and exercises inspired by your favorite outdoor sporting activities like hiking, tennis and golf. Move It – Move through the decades in this energizing cardio dance-based workout. Learn dance moves from every era- the ‘60s Twist, to “70s Disco, to “80s Electric Slide, to “90s “Vogue.” Mind- is a flowing mix of yoga, Pilates and athletic stretching techniques that improves strength, balance and flexibility through a mind/body/spirit approach.
YOGA FLOW: Strength, Balance, & Energy. This class is open to all levels and is appropriate for active beginners. Movement is coordinated with the breath to flow from one pose to the next. The poses are specifically chosen to focus on building strength, improve balance, and create energy. Modifications are given so everyone works within their individual level of ability. Careful attention is given to safe and proper alignment. This practice will filter into your everyday life and improve functioning for your mind, body, and soul!
STEP INTERVAL: Step cardio class that will get your heart pumping; we will also include intervals of free weights for a great arm workout in anticipation of the warm weather—you will be ready to show off your toned & shapely arms.  NO fancy gym clothes required, just comfortable athletic shoes! If you only have 1 hour to spare for your workout, this is the class for you. Appropriate for all fitness levels. You DO NOT have to utilize the “STEP”. All movements can be done on the floor.
CHALLENGES: We will utilize our body weight to challenge ourselves. This class will include lunges, squats, burpees, pushups and other fun challenges. This class on occasion will utilize various tools; stability ball, bosu ball, balance disc and resistance bands. Class will include abdominal work, stretching & balance work. Great total body workout- EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN THIS CLASS. * Modifications will be offered: Comfortable clothing and athletic shoes a must!
STEP & PUMP: Step cardio class that will get your heart rate up! First half of class will be continuous cardio (you can take a break anytime). We will finish the class with free weights, abdominal work and gentle stretching. FEEL FREE TO JOIN THIS CLASS AT 6:00 if you get your cardio some other way!!
SMORGASBORD: Just as the name implies- VARIETY- this class will include Line dance, cardio step, free weights, body weight exercises and utilize various tools. Participant driven and always different! Concluding with gentle stretching. Only requirement is a desire to have fun and get moving. Appropriate for all fitness levels.
*MARTIAL ARTS – This is a monthly class that will teach you “the warrior’s way” of self-defense. This class will give all principles needed to become a successful, defense fighter. Build self-esteem, confidence, and flexibility, work on your personal fitness and balance while having lots of fun.
ZUMBA GOLD :  Perfect for active older adults or beginners who are looking for a modified Zumba class that recreates the original moves you love at a lower intensity. Introduces easy-to-follow Zumba choreography that focuses on balance, range of motion, flexibility, and conditioning. Come ready to sweat, and prepare to leave feeling strong.
BODY SCULPT: A total body experience to shape and strengthen muscles using free weights, stability balls, resistance bands and your body weight. All fitness levels welcome!
PiYO: Pilates and yoga inspired moves at a faster pace to give you a full throttle cardio, strength, and flexibility training at once.
TURBOKICK: Combination of cardio kickboxing, body weight strength training and dance moves choreographed to high energy and motivating music.
*MARTIAL ARTS – This is a monthly class that will teach you “the warrior’s way” of self-defense. This class will give all principles needed to become a successful, defense fighter. Build self-esteem, confidence, and flexibility, work on your personal fitness and balance while having lots of fun.
*Indicates that an additional registration fee is required 
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