Membership Rates

Annual     Monthly    Monthly

Youth (3-17) $240 $25 $30
Adults (18-61) $360 $35 $40
Seniors (62-above) $300 $30 $45
Senior Couple (must be married) $450 $40 $60
Family (2 married adults, 3 household children) $600 $55 $60
Family memberships may include children living at home through the age of 23 and that are carried on the primaries taxes.
Walking Only $1 per day or $15 per month

Daily passes - $5 for youth, $8 for adult, $6 for senior.

Payment options notes:
Annual and draft memberships include the use of the indoor Bosa Indoor Pool; monthly check or cash DOES NOT.
Monthly draft: The first month's membership fee is due at the time of joining and then taken from checking accounts on the 15th of every month there after. All termination requests must be in writing 10 days prior to the next 15th draft. Request recieved after the 15th will have already been processed and non-refundable.

D.W.R.R.C. Rental Rates

$40 per hour (plus tax) for multi-purpose rooms, group fitness room, birthday room, half court in the gymnasium or batting cage.
$75 per hour (plus tax) for the full multi-purpose room or full gymnasium

Wacker Park Facility Rental Rates

Band Shell - $25 + tax for the first 3 hours, $5 + tax each additional hour
Rose Garden - NO CHARGE, but HAS TO be scheduled for use through the Rec Center.
Pavilion (west side of Willow St.) - $25 + tax for the first 3 hours, $5 + tax each additional hour
Ewert Pavilion (east side of Chickasaw St.) - $25 +tax for the first 3 hours, $5 + tax each additional hour

D.W.R.R.C. Lock In (8hours)

1-49 people $450 +tax 150-199 people $900 +tax
50-99 people $600 +tax 200 -(+) people $1050 +tax
100-149 people $750 +tax


Lockers are available for daily use only. Users must provide their own lock and must remove the lock and belongings daily.

Senior Center

 $500.00 Security Deposit $100 +tax Rental Rate

Located in the park South of the Donald W. Reynolds Recreation Center
For Booking Info call

Child Care

Age: 8 weeks through 8 years. Parents MUST remain in the building while children are in the Child Center.
Child Care Hours
Monday - Saturday 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Monday - Thursday 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Child Care Fees
$2 per child per hour (max of 2 hours)
$35 for a 20 hour punch pass.

Equipment Check Out

The front desk has sports equipment and towels for use to center members. Members will be asked to exchange their membership card, drivers liscense or keys for equipment such as sports balls. Equipment lost or stollen will be charged to the member origionally checking out the equipment.
For use of any other equipment other than listed above, it must be scheduled with the proper staff.

Senior Center Rules and Regulations

  • The reserving party will furnish all supplies such as towels, napkins, coffee, coffee pots,etc.
  • The reserving party will be resposible for cleaning the building after use, such as emptying trash containers, sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms. Cleaning supplies and cleaning cart are located in the broom closet. Deposit trash in outside dumpster only, NOT in the grease container.
  • The reserving party will be responsible for turning off the lights and securing the building when finished.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. The reserving party will be held responsible for all damages.
  • All or part of your deposit will not be refunded if the building is not cleaned.
  • The game room is NOT to be used, or entered at any time.
  • The key must be returned to the Donald W. Renolds Recreation Center by 10:00a.m. on the next business day.
  • Leave air conditioner on 75* at all times.
  • No checks accepted if the event is less than 10 days away.
  • NO KITCHEN at the facility will be available for use.