Activities & Programs

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Flag Football Signups are August 15th to August 31

Flag Football is open to boys and girls in grades K-3rd grade. Teams will be coed and divided by grade/age.

Tackle Football & Cheer signups are July 1st to July 15th

Takle Football and Cheerleading is open to boys and girls in the 4th through 6th grade. Teams will be divided by grade

Outdoor Soccer signups are February 1st to February 15th

Outdoor soccer is for boys and girls ages 4 through 12. Teams are coed and will be divided into age groups.

Youth Basketball signups are October 1st to October 15th

Youth basketball is for boys and girls in the 1st through 6th grade. Teams are divided by gender and age groups.

Baseball and Softball Signups are March 1st to March 15th

Baseball and softball are divided up by gender and age. Age groups are 8-and-under coach-pitch; 10-and-under live arm; 12-and-under live arm.

T-Ball signups are March 1st to March 15th 

T-ball is open to boys and girls ages 4 to 6. Non competitive t-ball is a coed league for first year players and second year players that need that extra year. Competitive t-ball is divided by gender for second and third year players. (If we do not have enough players competitive will be a coed league also)